If you’ve got a domain and a web hosting account for it, you’ll be able to create email accounts for personal or business purposes and to set them up with apps such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. During the process, you will be able to select one of the two most popular email protocols – IMAP or POP3. The first protocol will allow you to access all messages, but they will stay on the email server, whereas with the second protocol, all messages will be downloaded onto the device where the mailbox is set up, unless you explicitly choose a copy to be left on the server. In this way, you can choose if you’d like all your e-correspondence to be stored on one single device, or if you’d rather be able to access the emails from different places. The latter alternative is very valuable for businesses where different employees working on separate machines need access to a particular email account.
POP3 IMAP E-mail Accounts in Hosting
If you order a Linux hosting package through us, you’ll be able to create email accounts with any domain hosted under your account and to set them up with any email software application. During the process, you can choose POP3 or IMAP as we support both protocols, so it will be up to you if all emails will be downloaded locally at your end or if they will remain on the server. With our company, you can even set up an email account on your mobile phone irrespective of its OS and we’ve got comprehensive tutorials on how to perform that. To spare some time, you can also download and run our auto-configuration files to set up an email account in Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail automatically. With our services, you can select a preferred device and app to check your email messages.
POP3 IMAP E-mail Accounts in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our Linux semi-dedicated packages give you total autonomy with regards to how and where you can use any email address that you create through our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. As we support both POP3 and IMAP, you’ll be able to configure an email account on any desktop or mobile device irrespective of the OS in use – a desktop PC, a notebook or a mobile phone. You can even download our auto-configuration files for Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail and have a brand new mailbox automatically set up with your preferred software program. You will not need to do anything manually. Our detailed tutorials with step-by-step screen-caps will teach you how to configure a mailbox on an iPhone or an Android smartphone. With all these devices, you can choose whether the email messages should be downloaded or if they should remain on the email server. If you pick the second option, you will be able to access your messages from different locations.
POP3 IMAP E-mail Accounts in VPS Web Hosting
Both email retrieval protocols, IMAP and POP3, are available with our Linux VPS web hosting packages irrespective of the plan or the hosting Control Panel that you select. Each VPS includes its own pre-installed mail server, so you’ll be able to set up as many email accounts as you like, to send and to receive unlimited email messages and to use your chosen email client software and even a mobile phone. In case you’ve selected cPanel or our Hepsia Control Panel during the signup process, you will have access to auto-configuration files for Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail, which will set up your email accounts automatically in any of these applications on your PC. With our Virtual Private Server packages, you will exert full control over your electronic communication no matter where you are or what desktop or handheld device you are using.